The origin of the name Festina Lente and its adoption to the company's name originated in the fall of 2016 when the founder came across an old pale slate sign dated in 1978.

It was hidden behind an old
bush that had been long forgotten and covered in moss. It was in a late fall afternoon that the founder, Mark Forrest, discovered this plaque. It was in this plaque he found his inspiration. "Festina Lente", the old sign read. The translation of this phrase in English means “to make haste, slowly. Finding this sign during a valley in Mark’s life, Mark knew that this was his divine serendipity to take his idea into an extravagant brand.  


Festina Lente was founded on the belief that luxury should not be exclusive to foreign brands that all look and feel the same - our goal is to change the way you see luxury by delivering the finest products that are handcrafted in America.

As the growth of our American luxury brand expands, the authenticity of our work will always remain the same. Every item we make contains its own unique characteristics, with no possible way to exactly replicate any given product to another. We chose only the best natural materials; that can be traced to its exact source, to use in all of our products. From exquisite woods to the finest of leathers, every craft we make will be as unique as the individual it is made for.

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