How To Get The Greatest Gift In As Little As 3 - Minutes

How an 80hr per week working professional, weekend DIY’er, and little league coachfinds the best gift to give without wasting hours searching online. 

Engrave my .50 Now! 

Redefine The Pleasure Of Writing

Typing emails may be practical and time-efficient, but there is something magical and profound when the tip of a supreme-quality pen touches a fine piece of paper.

Making A Lasting Impression

In personal moments, a .50 Cal pen made with the finest materials would make a special occasion stay etched in your memory forever. Writing instruments should reflect the owner’s style and taste and be a symbol of power and success. 

Refined Engineering

Our premium writing tools are handmade in Virginia. They are carefully constructed with natural wood ethically sourced from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and California.

Built To Last

Every.50 Cal pen from Festina Lente are meticulously crafted with hand-selected and high-quality materials. This is why they constitute an investment destined to last for a lifetime.

Lifetime Guarantee

All our items are made to perform under pressure and live up to their exceptional reputation. These symbols of beauty and elegance will become precious heirlooms that can be passed on to the next generations.

An Exclusive Gift For Our Members

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Rediscover Your Signature Style

Master the art of handwriting with pens of the greatest quality and feel inspired and empowered. Exude class, status, and professionalism every time your exquisite writing instrument touches the paper.

Invest In Our Legacy Writing Instruments

🗸 Our premium materials become a blend of finesse and strength to stand the test of time.

🗸 The impeccable handcrafted and high-tolerance finish is our signature.

🗸 All items are diligently tested for smoothness and quality.

🗸 Every piece can become the most elegant and memorable gift for your loved ones.

🗸 Each creation is a work of art that can be proudly displayed on your desk.

🗸 Made from solid copper, built on Mahogany, and encased in a real .50 Cal shell.

Get My Engraving Now

Make A Statement

Bring status and discreet sophistication in your writing with the minimalist Carbon Fiber pen, or be bold and impressive with the raw .50 Cal is crafted from solid copper, mahogany, and brass.

Dedication And Respect

We have devoted ourselves to creating the finest pens out of respect for our customers and we are at your disposal 24/7 to answer all your questions.

Elevate Your Style

Discover our passion for quality, and find the stunning pen that will accompany you in all your special moments.

Showcase Your Confidence 

Find your object of desire and rediscover the warmth and power that words can have on paper.

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